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MyMentor is a superb online flashcards tool for learning, based on famous Leitner system.

How it works:  you have a set of virtual flashcards with one question and one answer on each card. If you succeed to recall the answer, you send flash card to the end of pile, but if you fail, you send it to the middle.

The advantage of this method is that you can focus on the most difficult flashcards, which appear more recently. More details...

Preview of some online printable flashcards


have been acknowledged by researchers as one of most efficient ways to improve memory skills, mathematical skills and reading skills of all ages. This can be a very useful approach for learning vocabulary, foreign words and phrases.

Books and study guides provide too much information and can be really distracting to anyone trying to memorize a new concept. Flashcards do not have this problem, they condense and simplify information into a format that is easy to read and understand. Subsequent reviews of the material being learned increase the strength of memory, so after each review the information will be retained for a longer period.

Scissoring out cards by hand can be rather tedious, so online flashcards software is becoming increasingly popular.

MyMentor is a flashcards maker which provides you for free with all tools you need for creating, studying and sharing flashcards online. Every day we add some new features and printable cardsets to help you in your preparations for SAT, GRE, JLPT and other exams.

Our ready-to-use free online flashcards - japanese, spanish, english, e.g. - really can help you to memorize more in less time.

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